What do all these settings mean and what can they do?

With Roboshield call assistant, you have access to multiple settings within the application. Let's go through each one! 

First, let's navigate to the settings of the application. This can be done by tapping on the 3 lines on the top right. 


From here you can view all the settings you have with the application. Lets review our first one which is Customize Call Assistant. 

Message Protection

With Message Protection you can filter your text messages to keep spam, scams and phishing attempts from reaching you. These filtered messages go into a Junk folder in the messaging app.

Customize Call Assistant


From here you can customize your call assistant with 2 options to give a more personal touch to your greeting and what voice you would like to use for it, you can also change hide or change your call assistant's name.

The other option is voicemail. You can either leave a default Voicemail greeting or leave your own voicemail for these unknown calls. 



Verified Calls: With this option turned on you will receive notifications from callers with legitimate intent meaning you understand and are aware of what type of caller or message this is. 

Unverified Calls: With this option turned on you will receive notifications from callers or messages that you do not recognize, you can either make the move to contact them back or leave them untouched by deleting or marking them as spam. 

Spam Calls: With this option turned on, you will receive notifications from callers or messages that you have identified as spam, you can switch this option off to not receive these type of notifications. 

Incoming Calls: This option is turned on by default, and you cannot switch it off. This will provide you a notification of all the screening or callers details prior to receiving an unknown call. 

Deactivate Call Protection


With this option, you will be able to deactivate calls being forwarded to Roboshield call protection. This means any unknown calls will be redirected to your actual device, instead of Roboshield. 

Share Feedback

Tapping on this setting will allow you to share feedback with us. We highly encourage sending feedback whether it be negative or positive to us, so we can improve our app when needed! 

Get Help

This a quick setting to direct you to the Roboshield help center in-app. These articles provide walkthroughs or troubleshooting. 

Legal and Policies

You will be able to view our terms of service and our privacy policy in this setting. 

Sign out

You can easily sign out by tapping on this. Note that signing out will deactivate the settings for call protection. 

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