How does call blocking work on Robo Shield?

Can Robo Shield block text messages?

Unfortunately, Robo Shield cannot block text messages.

How do I manually block a number?

To manually add a number to your Blocked list, navigate to the Block/Allow List section in the app. Ensure the Block tab is selected to view the Block List. Select the Block_List_icon.png sign. Enter a valid 10-digit number then select ‘Add number’. This number will be added to your block list.

Will I be notified when a number has been blocked?

You will not receive any notification when a number has been blocked. They will be directed straight to your voicemail.

What if the number I want blocked isn't 10 digits in length?

Unfortunately, the app cannot block short codes.

What do blocked callers hear when they are blocked?

The blocked caller will be directed to your voicemail. However, they will receive no notification they have been blocked.

When I block a number, will the blocked number know that they have been blocked?

When a blocked number attempts to call you, they do not receive any notification that indicates they have been blocked.

Can Robo Shield block Restricted, Private, Unknown, or Anonymous calls?

Unfortunately, the app cannot block Restricted, Private, Unknown, or Anonymous calls.

How do I enable Call Blocking & Caller ID?

In order to block unwanted calls and identify incoming calls, you will need to enable this setting.


How Do I Block a Number with Robo Shield?

There are a couple of ways to block a number, using our Robo Shield app.

You can go to the Block List view and manually enter a number by tapping on the plus icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. There will be a pop-up dialog where the user can enter a 10-digit number and select ‘Add number’ which will add the number to their block list.


Why is Robo Shield NOT Blocking Calls?

Does the number you want to be blocked appear in the Block List view of the app? If it does not, you will need to add it by manually entering it in.

NOTE: Please make sure that any security apps you may have installed are set to exclude Robo Shield. Examples of those types of apps are firewalls, task killer, anti-virus apps, and any app that is attempting to perform an action when calls come in.

How Do I Unblock a Number with Robo Shield?

To unblock a number from the Activity List view tap (or long-press on the number) you would like to unblock. Then, select the unblock option.

You may also unblock a number from the Block List view by tapping (or long-pressing) on the number, and then selecting the ‘Remove’ option.

NOTE: Once a number is unblocked, that number can now get through on your mobile phone. 

What is Scam Likely?

Scam Likely is the identification of an incoming call that our app has determined to likely be a scam call. 





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